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Due Process





Team Size:


Giant Enemy Crab


Junior Engineer

May 2021 - Present

12-15 Multi-Discipline


Customization + Progression

Customization and progression was the first and biggest milestone I worked on at Giant Enemy Crab. With a team of three engineers we brought a full customization and progression system to the game over the course of four months, featuring eight customization slots and a battle pass reward system. My responsibilities included UI engineering for the customization inventory, battle pass, and post-match XP report, as well as some internal data management. During this milestone I got lots of opportunities to add extra levels of polish beyond the spec, such as smooth controls for zooming in to the character in the inventory, and the ability to spin them with momentum.

Level Generator Features

Second to UI work, my next biggest role was working on the level tools for the level designers. I took feature requests from the designers, prioritized them based on impact and time cost, and delivered. The largest challenge coming from working on brand new UI systems for many months was onboarding onto a seven year old tool, which the original authors of were no longer with the company. Beyond the cost of onboarding, this led to plenty of interesting decisions where I had to weigh the preservation of the original elegance and intent of the system against how much time I would be willing to spend on the new feature.

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